Thursday, September 27, 2012

Custom Made BBQ Pit & Smoker Guide

In order to find the right bbq pit for purchase you must look at three things. First you must ask yourself what is the purpose of your barbecue smoker? Is it for commercial cooking, catering or home use? Whats the price of shipping and do you want it to be factory or hand made? I am going to go over the ways to find a smoker whether its for your business or personal use. Why Flaming a New BBQ Smoker is a Very Important First Step Its important to heat up the smoker to high temperature to break in the smoker so to speak. This will reduce any particles left over in the smoker on the inside Curing a smoker will take some time to do. Curing at 500 degrees for several hours should burn up most of the rust; other toxins will be destroyed after only a couple of hours after the high heat session. Needless to say, you do not want to have anything you plan to later eat in the smoker while you are curing it! What is a custom made BBQ pit? Custom bbq pits are made by companies that make a limited amount, but rather wide array of models to fit any bbq aficionado's dream. The brand of smoker that is recommended for smoking meat competition style are made by the winning-est man in barbecue Myron Mixon. Only his techniques can be used on his smokers. He operates his own cooking school where he teaches people everything they need to know to win in a full fledged bbq competition. He has been featured on The Destination Channel's Pitmasters Where do i find the right pit? Finding the right pit once your have assessed your needs and purpose of the smoker is a simple as doing a Google search for the type of smoker you want and using the ads on Google or find some more d-i-y models that people are selling on there website. In addition it is highly recommended to go to bbq blogs that have had a chance to review different brands and models and make sure they are not affiliates of the smokers they are reviewing After you have your smoker all you need to learn is the technique and i recommend the your learn from one of the best like Mixon and check out some of his custom bbq pits and you will not be disappointed.